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'Universe Watching' (4th Album)

Universe Watching Cover ArtSeptember 13, 2016, Zephrus releases their fourth studio album, 'Universe Watching'. The album features ten brand new originals combining the well-established Zephrus sound, with dancible, pop-sensibility.

Available for purchase as a physical CD or digital download from CD Baby.



'Z3' (3rd Album)

Z3 Album Cover Image December 23, 2014, Zephrus releases their third studio album, 'Z3'. The album features seven tracks of fan-requested material never recorded as Zephrus.

Available for purchase as a physical CD from the Zephrus Album Store.  

The album is also available for purchase as a digital download from Zephrus.bandcamp.com.



LIQUID SUN (2nd Album)

Zephrus CDMay 13, 2014, Zephrus released their 2nd studio album to the public.  The album features 9 tracks of music, spanning a gamut of musical styles from straight ahead guitar rock, to post-rock, on to jazzy-acoustic music.  As in the eponymous first album, this sophomore effort was recorded, mixed, and produced entirely by the band themselves.  The album is currently available from Bandcamp as both digital download and physical compact disc.  To listen or purchase the album, visit zephrus.bandcamp.com 

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 ZEPHRUS (1st Album)

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On November 20th, 2012, Zephrus released their debut album.  This spacious album features a journey of 8 epic tracks, ranging in energy level from ethereal and mellow, hypnotic, tribal instrumentals, to straight ahead, heavy, powerful, full on rock jams with vocals.  There is truly something for everyone on this CD.  The album was carefully mastered with plenty of dynamics, bringing back a lesser known phenomenon of music that sounds great when "cranked up". 

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Track listing: 

1. Lunar Bleau
2. Port Starboard
3. On the Vine
4. Fear of:
5. Breaking Ridge
6. ..Space and Time
7. Schott Heard 'Round the World
8. Citrus Squeeze

Liner Notes (pdf)



Follow the above link to the album to bandcamp.com